True Dog Houston

This is the famous True Dog that everybody in Houston loves! True dog serves an American favorite with an asian twist. Try the True Dog (AKA “all the way” hot dog), the Kimchi hot dog, or a cheese hot dog. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Owner Damion Loera


True Dog aka "All the Way"
Come on toasted potato bun topped with cream cheese, curry ketchup, caramelized onions, fried onions, Sriracha, honey mayo, and pepper
Cheese Head - For all the cheese lovers
Comes on toasted potato bun topped with crushed Cheetos, our homemade cheese sauce, and paprika sprinkle
Dani Dog - Kimchi Goodness
Comes on toasted potato bun topped with warm cream cheese spread, spicy garlic aioli, honey mayo, kimchi sliced cucumber, and finished with thinly sliced chives
BB Fries - BBQ Fries
BBQ brisket has been pressure cooked and topped with spicy garlic aioli sauce, homemade curry ketchup, honey mayo, shredded cheese, chives and our homemade cheese sauce

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