Rich Boy Po Boy

Seriously Delicious Sandwiches!
Rich Boy Po’Boy is the first Global Po’Boy Food Truck to hit the streets of Houston.
Family Owned, Our LOVE of the Classic Po’Boy Sandwich, and Our passion for Flavors of the World is the driving element behind the brand.

Owner Chef Jason

The idea of “Bringing all people and cultures together in one kitchen” is the motivation for the concept, as the Menu is diverse and ‘Rich in Flavor’.

Served up on Fresh Baked bread brought in from Louisiana, We are committed to serving up unique mouthwatering food, for a completely “Rich Boy Po’Boy” authentic experience.


Nashville Hot Soft-shell Crab
Softshell Crab served HOT Nashville Style + Cilantro Jalapeno Ranch Slaw + Richboy Special Sauce + Pickles
Bella Bulgogi (VEGAN)
Bulgogi style marinated Portobello + Asian Slaw + Radish + Cucumber + Jalapeno + Cilantro + Sriracha Vegannaise
Hot Chicken
Nashville Style Hot Chicken + Richboy Sauce + Ranch Slaw + Pickles
Chicken Tender Basket
Hand breaded & seasoned fresh chicken tender basket, over a bed of seasoned fries. Choice of Dipping Sauces.
The Shrimp
Golden Fried Shrimp + Rich Boy Remoulade Slaw + Tomato + Pickles
Jumbo Shrimp Basket
Hand Breaded Golden Fried Shrimp over a bed of seasoned Fries
King Catfish Sandwich
King Fried Catfish Filet + Remoulade Slaw + Richboy Special Sauce + Tomatoes + Pickles
King Catfish Basket
Huge Catfish Filet, hand breaded and fried, served over a bed of seasoned fries

This Vendor

The minimum order for this food truck is $800