Roll with us to score more gigs, no dough required.

Joining our club means that you get more jobs with less hassle. We take care of the booking while you do the cooking. It’s a partnership that sizzles.

Street-Smart Success: Elevate Your Food Truck with Expert Support

Our cutting-edge dashboard is the ultimate companion for food truck owners on the road to success!

Track Metrics With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly track essential metrics that drive your business forward.

Stay Organized Keep tabs on your total income, view comprehensive event details, and monitor your bookings with precision.

Make Informed Decisions It's not just about data; it's about making data work for you. Gain insights, spot trends, and make informed decisions.

We do the booking, you do the cooking

We know that operating a food truck is a busy job. We exist so you can focus on what you do best: making awesome food.

Manage Booking

We provide you with jobs that align with your specified parameters, such as price and event minimums. All of our jobs are pre-paid, and we'll never send you to empty street corners. The entire process is automated for a seamless and simple booking experience. You'll wonder where we have been all your life!


Once a member of our club, we develop a dedicated page featuring your truck and our team then actively drives hungry locals to browse and book you for a frictionless booking experience. To enhance your success, we offer supports such as professional photography resources to make your food really pop!

Event Coordinating

We handle all customer coordination, negotiate the best prices on your behalf, and meticulously plan and organize every detail, including menu selection and even parking arrangements. You retain full control and can choose to accept or decline any event.

Payment Processing

We guarantee effortless payment handling, eliminating the need to chase after customers for money. You'll receive your payment a full week before the event, and rest easy knowing we handle all invoicing on your behalf.

My journey with Food Truck Club has been nothing but a triumph. They grasp the challenges and aspirations of food truck operators and go the extra mile to ensure an outstanding experience for all parties involved.

They undeniably enhance the industry by generating more opportunities and streamlining the process for seamless collaboration. I wholeheartedly endorse Food Truck Club for their remarkable contributions to the food truck world.

Their dedication to creating win-win situations for everyone involved is truly commendable.

Manny Castaneda

Whatcha Cravin Food Trucks and Catering

Frequently asked questions

What is the Food Truck Club

The Food Truck Club is the go-to site for food truck catering in Houston. Joining Food Truck Club gives you a presence in this marketplace and brings your menu to a massive pool of potential customers. We put our brand and marketing footprint to work for you. Think of us as part of your sales and marketing team. We focus on bringing you orders, so you can focus on serving awesome food.

Create an account here and submit your food truck for review. Once you have completed the prompts, we’ll be in touch to finalize your registration and answer any questions you have.

Joining the club is completely free and there are no costs to serve at an event.

It is our expectation that ever member of  our club create a payment account within our system for quick payment as well as keep a Google calendar updated within your account so that customers can see when you are available. 

We do not currently charge a percentage of booked catering jobs from the vendors. 

Vendors are in full control of what is shown to the public including menu items, images, pricing, availability, etc… Approved club members can access their accounts anytime to make updates and changes.

All requests are texted and emailed to you. Simply review the event details and tap “approve” or “deny”. Super easy!

Nope! We handle all communication with the customer and provide all the information you need for your upcoming event. Simply accept the catering request and serve the pre-selected menu items.