Whatcha Cravin

Good food done right! We specialize in burgers, tacos, and fusing together different types of cuisine! Tell us whatcha cravin’, and we’ll create it!



Vegetarian Option

Manny Casteneda

Chef Manny started in the restaurant industry nearly 18yrs ago as a waiter at a local restaurant here in Houston.
For the first couple of years he developed and fine-tuned his craft. Manny didn’t know where it would lead, but he knew this was the road he wanted to be on. Along the way he was so very fortunate and blessed to have had tremendous mentors who always took the time to instruct and who showed me things from a different perspective, they shared their experiences and their mistakes. For Manny it was invaluable.
In 2015 we launched Whatcha Cravin Food Truck and Catering!

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